Saturday, November 13, 2004

No me gusta el gato

Herrow. For dose of jus who are not nowing me, mi nombre es Rocky. I am a leetle chihuahua meex who has de long legs and de beeg eers. Last night when mi mami was sleeping, I am going to the computer to make dees post. She is not knowing dat I be making it. I am writing dees becas I is not getting enuf espace in de bed for me to make good sleep. I am having de long legs, and am needing much espace to be sleeping good. I also no like de gato, who is chasing and hitting a mi all of de time. He is having some sort of e prolem with the Rocky, ju know what I say? I am thinking he eez jelous becus I am still having my cajones, ju know? And da gato, he no have them. De one dog, dey call heem Peep, he ez not so bad as de gato. De Peep, he sometime is being nice to me becus I am liking to cry all of de time. I have un poco secret to be telling ju alls: I am not be crying becus I am of the sad, I am be crying becus I be knowing dat my mami be pettin me alot when I be crying. And dat be makin de gato bery mad.
If ju know what I be talkin baut, pleas be sending some pesos a mi, entonces, I will hire a man to be taking da gato far away. He weel sleep wit da feeshes, no? I think I got me some eyetalian relativoes, somewhere. Or you can send cheecken, whish I like too.


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