Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm Updating this shit

Here's what's new with me (organized in a reader-friendly list version)
1) I got into vet school! At first, I was like, Yeah! But now, I'm like, FAFSA? STAFFORD? I'll be in debt to the tune of $200,000 dollars... frightening, considering starting vets make 1/3 of what starting doctors make. Bollocks to people medicine.
2) I have a new job, which I like a lot better than my old job (which SUCKED, and, every time I think of the way I was treated there, I want to throw hard objects through the windows - but, alas, I want my 99 dollar security deposit back.)
3) Pipp got a new rhinestone collar. It's hella tight.
4) oh! Oh! I cut all my hair off. I don't really know why.
5) My uncle Mark moved to Key West. I think I shall take an extended visit this summer.
I realize, I don't have all that much new news. But: coming very soon, a picture of Pipp in his new rhinestone collar! I have no life.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Had to take advantage of the lighting. Plus, I look very self-reflective and contemplative here.

Family Portrait in Lifejackets

one of the other islands... not the same one as in the photo below...

St. Thomas...or, maybe, Antigua, or maybe, Barbados... It all blends into one island, as far as I'm concerned.

We went on vacation! View from the cruise ship.

Incredibly fuzzy picture from New Year's... Fuzzy heads, as well..

Double Yawn.