Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm Updating this shit

Here's what's new with me (organized in a reader-friendly list version)
1) I got into vet school! At first, I was like, Yeah! But now, I'm like, FAFSA? STAFFORD? I'll be in debt to the tune of $200,000 dollars... frightening, considering starting vets make 1/3 of what starting doctors make. Bollocks to people medicine.
2) I have a new job, which I like a lot better than my old job (which SUCKED, and, every time I think of the way I was treated there, I want to throw hard objects through the windows - but, alas, I want my 99 dollar security deposit back.)
3) Pipp got a new rhinestone collar. It's hella tight.
4) oh! Oh! I cut all my hair off. I don't really know why.
5) My uncle Mark moved to Key West. I think I shall take an extended visit this summer.
I realize, I don't have all that much new news. But: coming very soon, a picture of Pipp in his new rhinestone collar! I have no life.


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